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21-7-2023 , 10:37

20-7-2023 , 20:50

17-7-2023 , 9:08
Apparently am an INTJ. Cool

13-7-2023 , 19:42
Oh also I got the teacher to play Teenagers by My Chemical Romance yester lol.
Was very happy.

7-7-2023 , 13:08
To tell the truth making a plush of lil' Fiodor was a distraction from what
happened on the 9th of July. I spent my entire weekend working on him and
nothing else because it distracted me from what happened that Friday.

7-7-2023 , 13:05
Just cut my hair lmfao. Last time I did it the barber cut it all
wrong, and this time I didn't wanna go back 2 the hairdresser
(I find it stressfull and uncomfortable) so decied to cut my (fringe?)
It's really even lol, but I'll probably go to a professional 4 the back

3-7-2023 , 20:29
I remember being mildly traumatized by a Bratz episode when I was younger.
Even had nightmares about it. Looking back very funny; but I do
understand why it scared me so,so much.

1-7-2023 , 19:08
Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and
I feel like my skin is slathered on all wrong. I try to scratch it off
and writhe around but i just end up hitting myself against the bed.
I hate it so much when that happens. Maybe bad dreams spur it on,
whenever it happens about 50%~ of the time I wake up crying
I have sleepwalked before, n' talked

27-6-2023 , 19:53
Funny enough I used to have loads of Fashion Polly Pockets from 2008.
Some from 2003 too though. So I'd say 2003-2008 mine were from.
Also some from 2005. Mostly the swimming sets? idk lmao
Mermaid Stars: Polly with Aquarium. I remember vividly having this set's
Polly. Apparently this set was recalled in 2008... lmao.

Honestly I wish I still have those. But at the same time I'm glad another
kid's gotten to have the same joy playing with those as I did.

Honestly I really want to watch the movies now!!!!(∙ω∙)

27-6-2023 , 19:50
Ok sooooooooooooo, they did the groups n' all yesterday and I'm in
a group with three other guys from my class bc they only had a group
of three. Our teacher asked if I was all good with that group and I
said I was indifferent lol.

Anyways maybe there's a little bit of dissapointment(?) because I
already know these ppl. But at the same time at least ik they're all
pretty chill.

23-6-2023 , 18:26
Ok so like, we have these end of grade/year trips right?
The first one is a neat all-day history trip for us, not bad, not bad -v-

It's a camping trip, like the one in Diary of a wimpy Kid vol10, Old School.
except it's shorter lol
Anyways the issue is we have to have tent groups of 4ppl ...
. . .
And they have a plane flight when we're ment to be getting back from the
trip T-T. Oh well lol.

Anyways if u don't have a group or ur group is less than 4ppl u get put with some
other ppl who have no group or a too-small group.
this is just like DOAWK:Old school !!!!!!!!!
yeah. ;v;

I'm gonna bring my MP3 player and some other stuff lmao.
my list -3-

  • MP3 player(and earbuds/headphones)
  • Fiodor plush
  • Phone(s),,(cell and brick/Nokia lol)
  • Camera(it's about width:3.5inches , height:2inches)
  • Sweets. Lots
  • Journal (Gonna keep detailed record to send to my friend since they can't come)
  • My puchimarus(some of them lol(not many))
  • Pencil-case(scented eraser,pencils,03 and 08 pens,some coloring pencils)
  • Kandi cuffs/bracelets
  • small sketchbook(maybe. I could just draw in the journal tbh. Or bring plain paper)
  • reading book

(the list excludes essentails like toothpaste & clothes lol)

22-6-2023 , 20:58
The worst part is, my situation hasn't gotten worse;
I'm just more aware.

I have no current illusions about my situation other than the fact that
"it will get better"
It won't, but that's all I can keep telling myself at this point to keep
myself sane.

19-6-2023 , 16:02
My early death is not a question of "if", but "when".
In this current world I see no way for me to live in a few years.
I don't think I'll make it to 18

19-6-2023 , 16:00
When I kill myself the blood will be on my father's hands.

16-6-2023 , 19:36
Just exchanged a few dms with an old friend I haven't spoken to in 3 years,
the last message either of us sent was two years ago. It feels surreal. I'm
a different person now. I'm so much happier and sadder nowadays? This is all
so strange. But I'm much better now overall I'd say. I comprehend things better.

14-6-2023 , 11:45
I'm reading Fyolai fanfiction in class what has become of my life

14-6-2023 , 11:40
Nothing beats reading Bungou Stray Dogs AO3 fanfiction in IT class. Yep.

13-6-2023 , 17:08
I finished him on Sunday lol. took me all of Saturday and a chunk of Sunday -3-
Was exhausting but fun.
(´• ω •`) (´• ω •`) (´• ω •`)

12/13-6-2023 , --:--
The worst part of 12-1-2023 and 9-6-2023 is the fucking fact that I have to live
with the consequences; not any of them. Fucking hell. The other awful part is the fact
that they refuse to comprehend what they've done to me.
They try to justify it. I know that we both know this is all bullshit. , that this is not
"love" but hate.
In pride month too :/

9-6-2023 , 16:37
Plans from my lunch break. Gonna make patterns for him now lol.
Never actually made myself a pattern for any of my dolls . I'll get the rest
of the felts for it tommorow.
(´• ω •`)

8-6-2023 , 20:21
Please never ever touch me if I don't usually let you./ Flinch away violently
when you do. It's not funny. Even if you are biological family.

8-6-2023 , 20:09
Drawing from my lunch break. Refrenced from here
(´• ω •`) (´• ω •`)

8-6-2023 , 20:09
Doodles and stuff
(´• ω •`) (´• ω •`) (´• ω •`)
(´• ω •`)

8-6-2023 , 20:06
I got those plushes! ^_^. And some issues of the Strawberry Issue(Sanrio)
Oh yeah also a cool stamp set.
(´• ω •`)

3-6-2023 , 16:02
(´• ω •`) (´• ω •`)
(´• ω •`) Nikolai Gogol redraw
of this image (Bungo Stray Dogs manga, vol 18) (’∙ω∙)

3-6-2023 , 12:27
I could've been named Szczęściosław.
That would've been wild if it happened lol. Especially
since I don't live in Poland hahah.

Oh also the school librarian thinks I'm someone called Julian.

2-6-2023 , 18:47
Went to the arcade with Iz yesterday, had lots of fun.

27-5-2023 , 16:32
Ok so we went to ComiCon except I got rlly ill and threw up like
three times and we had to go home lmao. Managed to make it to
the bin each time tho.

The shark Amuse phonecharms I rlly wanted to get weren't there
tho because the company that sells & imports them was there ths time QvQ
So I ordered em' online and some other stuff.

tbh I don't rlly like ordering online lol.

23-5-2023 , 20:37
Erm. Yay. I have some comic ideas.
mostly standalone comic strips tho. Eh.

22-5-2023 , 19:55
End of year exams QvQ

I'll go to Comicon on Saturday & I have a week off school
to play video games and recover!

15-5-2023 , 17:37
Writing a book review for school except forgot the main character's
fucking name. Had to look it up on GoodReads. I like that site.

3-5-2023 , 14:28
I have exams in May so probably won't update or post much :')
(´• ω •`)

27-4-2023 , 14:38pm
I remember when my dad literally told me
"You were never very good at fitting in"
Suppose' it's true. Still never thought that
anyone would point it out so blatantly

23-4-2023 , 11:15am
Got keychain stuff and added it to her hair lol.
I've had her since Christmas 2019 or 2018 I think
Sadly her left leg is kinda broken and I do know how to
fix it and make it ball-jointed, but I'm not actually
sure if it'll just break the enire lower half of the doll
if I try to drill through.
Currently just using some strong washi-tape and double-
sided tape to keep it in place <*_*>

6-4-2023 , 16:19
I remember I saw a video clip of someone at Comicon where you can see
someone in a wheelchair with a doll mask. (Anime character resin mask
sorta thing) But I remember people kept saying that the guy pushing their
wheelchair shouldn't take up mobility aids for a doll etc,etc
It was defo a person tho 😭😭😭😭
Honestly it was ridiculous how many people thought the kid was just a
massive BJD. Guess not many people have seen those masks. Honestly a
shame, they're quite beautiful.

1-4-2023 , 16:39
I remember I used to have a little Hello Kitty analouge
dddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiingggggg alarm clock. 2014 perhaps?

I also have a spoon and knife set (idk where the fork is) that's older
than my nephew.

1-4-2023 , 15:27
Regretabbly my first horror movie was that shitty 2018
Slenderman horror movie. I actually watched it in 2018 too lol,

24-3-2023 , 7:16pm
My cat was sleeping on my spanish revision homework earlier...
I even have a video of when my cat jumped up and bit my arm!

21-3-2023 , 6:46pm
My right eye's eyelid(s) have been twitching since I woke
up yesterday lol. Apparently a symptom of:
Stress , Overwork and/or lack of magnesium!

One is not like the others hahahah.
the twitching stopped 23-3-2023!

19-3-2023 , 3:08pm
I have 60+ images of Mushitaro (bsd) on my pc.
This may be a symtom to a greater issue of obsession.

13-3-2023 , 11:51am
Friday was such a shitty day for me :/
Fridays recently have all been quite awful actually.
At least [Sigma] is coming over to hang out today lol

8-3-2023 , 14:40pm
I wanna cry

8-3-2023 , 14:38pm
I fucking hate you all.
Who the hell soaked my bag fuckyou

6-3-2023 , 11:25am
I wanna kms


The fact there is a "Tsundere sharks" subreddit concerns me


2-3-2023 (´• ω •`)
(´• ω •`)

11:58 and I did this with shaky hands & MS Paint
PS- I'm at 0 irl friends!!!!
(Since Friday)

Folks that make MineCraft skins are talented. . .

My mom didn't feed my fish(es) whilst I was in Poland :/
(not malicious hahah. She just closed the door to my room
because it's cold and just kinda forgot abt the fish.)
Also we got were in the wrong hotel when we got to
Warsaw so we stayed in a 5-star not the 4 we were ment
to be in lol. THey had great tomato soup and fruit crumble!!!!

Sorry I'm late doing the character pagez lol

Yesterday in school science class we had this thing where
we could submit anonomys questions and me question was
"Can fish really explode after eating too much, can
hasters explode too??? Also why do hasters die so easily."
AND THEN WHEN HE READ IT HE SAID "I'm very sorry to whoever
ps- I can taste again

When I had breakfast I realised my taste wan't that great
hope it gets better tomorrow or something. I might put
some art here even hahahah.Or I'll do some character
pages. Probably Kotze, Blair,Anzelm and some others too.

I got banned from SpaceHey???? My acc was Fyodorz :^(

Also I'll try to watch Smile!Precure soon hahah. I've seen
about 12-14 episodes so far. My attention span is limited.

I won't be updating this site for maybe 7-14 days in the
missle-ish of February.

I've been making kandi (cuff?) bracelets. Also painting a
bit I suppose.

28-6-2023 ,,, 12:05
PS: I write my name as "Fyodor" online sometimes .
I end up using different variations of my name online!
But Fyodor isn't the right spelling for me:
I'm not Russian lol.