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Tis' is the ego page.

This page shall be about I [FYODOR] kot. This page also won't be done for a while lol.
This might end up as a directory of sorts lol.


I am [FYODOR] the webmaster of this site!
I make dolls, art , bracelets(and other stuffs like those) and other things!
Like bookmarks! And (paper) dollz! And other kinds of dollz! Many kinds of things!
This site is mostly for: practice, logs , records , catalouging and other things when it comes to it.
This site isn't always updated weekly since I'm quite busy with school now.
But I will be updating this site!

Site history

  • created November 27th 2022
  • (Originally named
  • name changed to
    somepoint during October 2023, will maybe find
    specific date oneday
  • error page made in January 2023 alongside
    "art" and "other" pages being deleted for
    remaking/building those pages
  • 25-02-2024, "page not found"/error page not
    working, If redirected to that page please just
    go tothe index or your last page.
  • 12-05-2024, changed website name to
    "" . :)

Site updates and content

First off I would like to start off noting that it's very possible that this site will be renamed.
The original name "" was a nice name but not specifically memorable or signifying
of what this site contains. The current site name ( is the prototype/
placeholder name for a story I was working on a while ago.

As of now (25-02-2024) this site is part personal blog part just whatever honestly. I have a few
comics I would enjoy to make and host here but there's a lot of details that need to be ironed out and
parts that have to be planned more specifically. Currently This site's most updated pages are EGO(this
one) and the "log" pages which I'm going to soon remake. The page formatting is too derivative of the
log pages on to be truly satisfactory to me and the format also feels slightly
limiting for what I want to do.