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This page is a
school assignment
for me QvQ

Welcome to my Culture page(????)

I have to make a webpage about my "culture" for computer science class. Enjoy!

My heratige is Polish-Indian but I only know a little Polish, I'm still learning. (´-ω-`)
I'm in highschool and I like the band MSI a lot

Recently Sal (and a bit of Urvi) have gotten me into the band
Car Seat Headrest. ( ´ ▽ ` ) (#>Д<)
Have mostly only listened to Twin Fantasy so far but it is good.
Right now the song Pussy all night(MSI) is stuck in my head.
Specifically the recording of him singing it when they opened for Korn back in
like 98' or sum shit (||| ̄Д ̄)

I like men.
I like drawing and one of my favourite ocs is Edwin. I think he's
very cute and funky. I started listening to MSI back in January
2023. Some of my favourite movies are -

  • Black Christmas 1974
  • Interview With The Vampire 1994
  • Martin 1977
  • House of Wax 2006

I really like dolls. I have a large and ever-growing collection of porcelain dolls.
Since roughly circa 2017/18 I've had an interest in BJD(Ball-Jointed dolls). The first
ones I ever saw were Pullip dolls from the Groove company. I really loved the mermaid
Pisces doll. Currently my favourite Pullip(technically Isul lol) is Vermelho. I find him
Incredibly beautiful and I generally have a large fondness for vampires(hahahah).

Back in Christmas 2018 I got the Little+ Pullip Docolla "Stocking" doll. I still hav her
however her leg was broken by me when I was younger (ノ_<。)
More recently, aka December 2023/January this year I got interested in Azone dolls. I'd
seen them before but I didn't actully know what they were called lol. In January I got
two 1/12 scale dolls, Picco Neemos. The one I take outside with me for photos sometimes
is called Lestat "Lessie" after our lord and saviour Lestat De Lioncourt. And her little
(not really they're the same size) friend is called Sal. Because I was talking to Sal and
realised she didn't have a name so he jokingly suggested naming her after him and I took
it seriously.(This is not the first time this has happened xP.)

Lessie is a 2018 release and has a softer vinyl meterial used for her head than her friend.
The vinyl used for her head is also slightly translucent which makes her look much more
human ;I like that about her a lot. Personally I want to get more dolls from Azone's
"Little Fairy" line (their 1/12 scale dolls) since I'm fascinated by how beautiful and
detail and quality heaby they are on such a small scale. They make me so happy.
I also would like to get a male Azone doll. I don't really have any male dolls other
than two porcelain ones(one of which is my doppelganger) and a doll showing off
traditional Kraków dress from Poland.

I have a hard time explaining why I like dolls so much. For a long time I've been
specifically watching Dollightfull's doll customising videos so originally my interest
was just in terms of customization. Around 2020 is when I can first pinpoint a more
general interest in dolls hahahah. I think for me at leas nowadays it's a similair
reason as to why I like art of the human figure in general. It shows an artist's
interpretation and reformation of the human figure and shape. Some of my favourite dolls
are the ones where they have the same joints and flexibility to move as human's. (?)
I told you I have a hard time explaining this.

Honestly I really like Neon Genesis Evangelion. Frankly I watched it for Kaworu and
a little bit for the weird artsy shit from the end of the anime. I haven't seen the
End of Evangelion or any of the Rebuild films yet. I'll see them eventually ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌
This has really gotten off-topic. Damn . (◎ ◎)ゞ
Anyways love Kaworu and his reigning air of faggotry🙏🙏🙏🙏

Also more recently in the past two or so years I have become a fan of Bratz dolls.
As of now I have 4 regular Bratz(repro GNO Jade, repro OG Jade, repro Dana & Kylie day doll)
and then two Lil' Bratz dolls, I got them at around the same time lol. First the one I call
Chloe and then the other one I call Ailani. Don't get on my arse about what their names are
officialy they're both based off fo the look of Chloe from the mainline Bratz dolls I need
some way to differentiate them easily by name even if officialy they were both released
under the name Ailani σ( ̄、 ̄〃) ( ̄ω ̄;)
Personally I find it really funny that Lil' Bratz are on a 1/12 scale and I think they're
real cool. The only issue is since they're mass-produced and on such a tiny scale bad
screenings(the faces/face paint is what "screening" refers to here) or wonky screenings
are more than common (ᓀ ᓀ) (-‸ლ)
Something I really love about Bratz is the sheer amount of them. The variety persay.
Also the outfits. Very nice. Fuck else am I ment to say. I just really like the outfits

In my room I have what was accidently labelled by my father as a "shrine". I like this
description. I have 4 large corkboards next to my bed with a colorful variety of things.
The contrast of a Greek icon of Jesus next to The Black Parade poster with there being
a Jimmy Urine pic barely a meter away is so funny to me even if all those things are