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This page is a
site bio page
for me I think

Welcome to my Webpage!(?)

Hello Hello

I made this site because I thought it would be cool -_- hahahah. (* ^ ω ^)
( ̄▽ ̄)/♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪ I like music and art; mostly my ocs. My favourite anime I've seen
was the gag anime adaptation of "Litchi De Hikari Club". I found it "comforting"(?) maybe.
I really like cats. I've been to 2 different cat cafes. One an hour(?) and a bit away from
me and one in Białystok. I have lots of photos from both. They were both very nice.
I have my own cat called Kitty, (=`ω´=) She was born in 2018 and is going on six.( =ω=)..nyaa

She is a very nice cat. I love her a lot.

I don't go outside much outside of school. I'm a highschool student going into    my 3rd year
in a few months. School is ???? okay. I mostly like seeing my friends and           art class
We have school trips every few months. We have two next month (July).
I'm not very sure what to put here (^་།^ ) (´ཀ` )
I like Tsukiyama from Tokyo Gouhl. I watched the anime when I was 7/8 I             think.
I read the first two volumes of the manga when I was around 10.
I would like to finish it over my summer break.
(˚ˎ 。7